5 major factors affecting replica watch prices

Brand factor: Simply put, the brand of a watch is equivalent to the level of a watch. Although it is possible that the movements of several watches have adopted ETA, the styles and functions are similar, but the brand value has a great influence on the price. For example, an automatic mechanical men's watch with an all-steel case, strap and calendar. With similar styles and designs, the price of IWC may be about 30,000 yuan, the price of Tudor and Omega may be about 20,000, and the price of Longines is more than 10,000. The price of Tissot may be as low as 6,000. Big brand watches like Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin, Breguet, Piaget, etc., their annual output is not high, and the price of each watch is basically more than 100,000, which can be regarded as a real luxury watch.

Style factor: The watch style mainly depends on two points: the movement function and the appearance of the watch. If a watch has complicated functions, the price will often double. However, complicated watches are usually only available in big brand watches, and their estimated prices are replcia Rolex between 100,000 and 1 million. In terms of appearance, precious metal case is definitely more expensive than ordinary material case, including some materials with emerging technology content such as tungsten steel, ceramics and other materials to make case and strap, it will be relatively expensive some. The special-shaped case is also more expensive than the ordinary case. If it is a jewellery watch inlaid with gems, the price is even more incredible.

Design factors: rare and rare watch design styles are often welcomed by watch lovers. There is also a watch with a strong sense of art. The most representative one is the enamel watch. The enamel painting is all hand-painted, the output is low, and it tests the drawing skills of the watchmaker. This kind of artistic watch It is really pleasing to the eye.

Origin factor: The main production countries of watches are Switzerland, Germany, Japan, China (including Hong Kong and Taiwan), South Korea, and Russia. In fact, SWISS MADE is only a label of watch quality. Only genuine Swiss replica watches and German-made watches In order to be able to sell at very high prices.

Appearance factor: This is mainly for second watches and collectible replica watches. The appearance of the watch includes the old and new degree of the movement and the degree of wear and tear, whether the movement is faulty and repaired, or whether it is damaged. If there is a brand-new package, accompanied by instructions and certificates, the auction price is naturally higher, and a watch with a poor quality may not be able to buy a good price.