Mechanical replica watch movement structure principle

Turn the crown of the watch by hand to wind up the mainspring, so that the prime mover gets energy. After the energy is emitted from the barrel, it is transmitted to the transmission gear train, which transfers the energy to the escapement; through the escapement, the rotational energy transferred from the barrel and the gear train replica watches becomes the swing energy of the pallet fork, and Energy periodically supplies the balance with hairspring to maintain the reciprocating swing of the balance. The balance wheel hairspring forms a stable vibration period, and the number of vibrations is controlled by the escapement mechanism, and finally the needle system rotates. The hours, minutes and hands are indicated on the dial by the hands.

Time is measured by the continuation of a completely repeated process. Therefore, there must be a vibrating object in the clock, and the purpose of measuring time is achieved by measuring the number of vibrations of the vibrating object.

The watch movement has the characteristics of small size, many parts and precise mechanism. To accurately combine more than 130 parts into a whole, it must rely on overtime support and fix it with screws. Therefore, the machining accuracy of the splint hole position is the basis of the accuracy of the watch movement. It is very important to recognize and understand this.

As for the other functions, they are all additional mechanisms of the basic movement, such as: adding an automatic winding mechanism to automatically replenish the energy of the clockwork at any time; adding a calendar mechanism to indicate the date, week, month, and month equal; adding a stop-second device , One can also be used as a fake watches stopwatch for the measurement period; two can be accurate time, and accurate to the second; increase the alarm mechanism, you can make a sound at a predetermined time, etc.

In addition, mechanical watches also have some complicated mechanisms, such as perpetual calendar, reed interrogator, chronograph, tourbillon, etc. However, these complex mechanisms generally belong to the category of top-level watches. The quantity is small and the price is high, and it is difficult for most people to access them.